What does “off grid” mean? How do you get your power & water?

Panamint Springs Resort operates completely off grid, which means we do not have access to public utilities. All of our electricity is produced by a diesel generator that runs 24 hours per day. There are also no phone lines here so our only phone is made possible by a triangulation of a digital cellular signal from miles away. Our water comes from Darwin Falls. It is piped 5 miles to Panamint Springs Resort where we treat the water and distribute it throughout the property. Our internet is via satellite provider.

Do you have  internet access?

We are pleased to be able to provide complimentary internet for the purpose of sending brief messages to your family and friends to let them know you are safe. The internet connection here is provided by satellite and as such, is extremely limited in the speed and amount of bandwidth allowed.  This is, unfortunately, beyond the control of Panamint Springs Resort.

This is a highly shared network, and for the sake of others, we request you respect the needs of others to send safe arrival messages to their families.  By not using the network access for the prohibited applications, everyone will be able to use the connections effectively. If the network is abused, service may be lost for up to 24 hours. Therefore please do not rely on the internet service at Panamint Springs.

Due to the bandwidth limitation, we ask that before connecting to the network, you disable any auto-updating of your laptop or smart phone.

Please refrain from using any application that uploads or downloads large amounts of data such as:

  • Netflix of other video streaming
  • Skype, FaceTime or other video conferencing
  • Pandora or other internet radio or music
  • YouTube or other multi-media sharing sites
  • Photobucket, Flikr, or other photo sites
  • Web pages that contain a high content of graphics or photos

Do you have television at Panamint Springs?

We no longer have any TV service in any of our rooms. The TV in the Cottage is now equipped with a brand new retro gaming system that has over 70 Sega Genesis titles and other 2 player games like Chess. Most of our guests appreciate our remote location, and our lack of television service enhances the experience. We do not have a television in our restaurant or bar.

Sometimes nobody answers when I call. Why?

Panamint Springs is so remote that we have to depend a triangulated cellular telephone signal. Unfortunately, we often suffer service interruptions. Otherwise, we strive to answer the telephone on as few rings as possible.  If your call goes unanswered, please try again later or email us. If you leave a message, we will try to return your call as soon as possible but please leave your email address as an alternative in case the phones are not working.

Does your motel have air conditioning?

All of our new Cabin style rooms have independently controlled AC. All of our Historic Rooms are cooled with an evaporative cooling system that works quite well in the desert. The cool air comes in through a vent on the ceiling. There is no thermostat for this and whether it is on or off is controlled by our staff. We have several rooms that have their own air conditioning units in addition to the evaporative coolers. The Historic rooms with 3 beds (10&14), the cottage, and two rooms with 2 beds (11&12) have a/c. If you would like one of these units you’ll have to make a special request when you make your reservation.

Do you have a swimming pool at Panamint Springs?

No, we do not have a pool, but have plans to develop one in the near future.

Is there digital cell phone service in Death Valley National Park?

Digital cell service is very limited in Death Valley National Park. There is cell service at Furnace Creek and a few other specific locations, depending on your provider. There is no digital cellular service at Panamint Springs Resort.

Is there a payphone at Panamint Springs Resort?

Since Panamint Springs Resort is completely off-grid, we do not have land lines. Our only phone is our reservation line. This is only available for emergencies and is $2.50 per minute with a $5 connection fee. Our phone is not always reliable, so there may not be service when you need it. Please plan ahead and make your calls before you arrive at Panamint Springs Resort. We do have free Wi-Fi, but we have limited bandwidth so please do not use Skype or other voice-over IP services on our internet (see above).

Why are your fuel prices so high?

The main reason is our high operating costs. We operate entirely off-grid and produce our power via diesel generator. The second reason is our high delivery costs due to our remote location. Our fuel is usually more expensive than Stovepipe Wells, as this is a park concession operated by the federal government. Stovepipe Wells only has 87 octane, no higher grades or diesel. Furnace Creek generally has similar fuel prices to us, sometimes less, sometimes morel. We recommend filling your tank before you enter the park. There is gas in Ridgecrest, Trona, Olancha, and Lone Pine, CA. We have gas as a public service because there are no other gas stations in this valley. We regret the high cost, but would not be able to operate otherwise.

Can I pay my park entry fee at Panamint Springs Resort?

No, you cannot pay the park entry fee here. There is no pay station on the western side of the park. We are privately owned, and are therefore not affiliated with the park service. The closest pay station is at Stovepipe Wells. You can also pay the entry fee at the Furnace Creek visitor center.

How do I get to Darwin Falls from Panamint Springs Resort?

Darwin Falls is very easily accessible from Panamint Springs. You can reach the falls with a regular passenger car.  Drive ¾ of a mile west on highway 190 from Panamint Springs Resort. Take a left on the dirt road (there a small wooden sign that reads “DarwinFalls” on the right side of the road). Drive on the dirt road for 2.5 miles until you reach a small turnout on the right side of the road. *(If you see a sign that reads “4-wheel drive only” this means you have gone too far. Turn around and go back a short distance.) Park in the turnout area and follow the trail one mile to Darwin Falls. The hike is relatively easy. You will have to cross the stream a few times and there are muddy areas. The pay-off is spectacular…a 20 foot waterfall in Death Valley National Park!