Stovepipe Wells Area

Mesquite Flat DunesMesquite Flat Sand Dunes – 33 miles from Panamint Springs

These tawny dunes rise smoothly nearly 100 feet from Mesquite Flat. They are easily accessible from Hwy 190, just past Stovepipe Wells. Late afternoon light accentuates the ripples and patterns, while morning is a good time to view tracks of nocturnal wildlife. Moonlight on the dunes can be magical, yet night explorers should be alert for sidewinder rattlesnakes during the warm season.

Mosaic CanyonMosaic Canyon – 33 miles from Panamint Springs

Polished marble walls and odd mosaic patterns of breccia make this small canyon a favorite. The twisting lower canyon is so narrow hikers must walk through it single-file. Some rock scrambling is required. The canyon opens up after ½ mile to reveal the heights of Tucki Mountain, but hikers can continue another 1½ miles.


Salt CreekSalt Creek

This stream of salty water is the only home to a rare pupfish, Cyprinodon salinus. Springtime is best for viewing pupfish. In summer the lower stream dries up and in winter the fish are dormant. The wooden boardwalk loops ½ mile through stands of pickleweed and past pools reflecting badland hills. Wheelchair accessible.