Gas Station & General Store

Hours: 7AM to 9:30PM daily

GAS: We sell gasoline for your convenience. This includes 87, 89, & 91 octane gasoline and diesel at our General Store. We take cash or credit, which must be paid before pumping gas. We do not have “pay at the pump” service, so you cannot get gas outside of our business hours.

ATM: New! We now have at ATM at our General Store for your convenience!

SWEET TREATS: We have hand scooped ice cream cones and dishes & hand-scooped milkshakes. We also have pre-packaged ice cream desserts. Come down for dessert after dinner!

SNACKS & BEVERAGES: We have a wide variety of bottled beverages and water. We also have Seattle’s Best coffee, fountain drinks, and slushies. We have snacks such as chips, candy, pastries, & granola bars. 10 pound bags of ice can be purchased here as well.

SUNDRIES & CAMPING SUPPLIES: We have basic sundries, charcoal, and usually firewood.

APPAREL & GIFT ITEMS: We have Panamint Springs Resort apparel for sale as well as postcards, books, and maps.

MOTEL & CAMPING REGISTRATION is at the General Store as well. Our staff would be happy to answer any questions you may have. We have visitor information about the park and surrounding areas.